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Cyber Security

Cyber threats are on the rise. How prepared are you for what's lurking around the corner? What's the cost of doing nothing?

It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN.

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the realities

Cyber attacks are a persistent threat to your business. With threats on the rise, making sure you’re protected can be overwhelming.

More then 1 in 5 businesses were hit by cyber attacks last year. 

53% of enterprises experienced more attacks this year than the year prior. 

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spend 24 hours with the best minds in cyber security

The Cyber Security Corporate Preparedness course is 27 hours of the most thoroughly researched and detailed security material available today with a vision of what's needed for the cyber security industry in the future.

This course has immediate applications for all aspects of Cyber Security for corporations. Give your organization a solid foundation to pursue a stronger cyber security posture while educating your staff.


Led by one of the most thought-provoking and interesting people in cyber security today – Ian Thornton-Trump. Now's your chance to learn from an industry leader who's made his career in writing, presenting and educating on cyber security.

Don't miss out on the course of a lifetime if you're looking for real details about cyber criminals, malware and other cyber security topics. ​Seats are limited.


Don't just take our word...

"This finally gives me a roadmap."


IT Director

ZGM Modern Marketing Partners

"The subject of GDPR is complex and at times heavy on detail, Ian's passion and enthusiasm of delivery made for a thoroughly enjoyable course. Ian knows his stuff."

Chief Customer Officer

"For the last several years Ian has supported high school students entering an international computer security competition as a coach and mentor. Ian should be commended for his community service."

Logistis Officer 

Canadian Army

CYBER Trends inc.


Calgary Alberta, Canada

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