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The Threat is Real

How to know if your company is at risk and what you can do to mitigate against it

In today’s ever-changing marketplace, risk is more prevalent than ever. Companies of all sizes are facing a multitude of threats from ransomware attacks, spear phishing to business email compromise attacks and more. The cost of doing business is on the rise so how can you reduce the risk by investing in cyber security?

Tim Thomson CEO and founder of Cyber Trends Inc. Tim has been in the IT industry for 22 years, and has successfully built a MSP, Nirico Systems over the last 18 years. Tim has been helping companies align their cybersecurity, privacy, compliance and governance to optimize their business through service and solution consulting. He has a track record of improving risk resiliency through secure architecture design, information risk management, business requirements development, and security policy life-cycle management.

Join us on March 3rd at 11am MST for an executive brief where you will discover:

  • How the current threat landscape applies to your business so that you can define and create a cyber security strategy to prevent loss of reputation, revenue, and financial damages. 

  • Determine what data assets you need to identify and protect (more than you can possibly imagine).

  • How to build a holistic solution utilizing three pillars; people, process, and technology, so that your organization is safe from outside threats, reducing risk, while securing confidential information.

This session is essential for you if you are an Owner, C Suite, VP, Director, or a board member of companies large or small, public or private who collects personal identifiable information or any other data that could cause potential harm to an individual or another company.

By implementing these three initiatives, you’ll be more confident knowing that you’ve put the necessary cyber security solution in place to protect your business and its reputation in the industry.



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